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About Life Builders
LIFE BUILDERS is a not-for-profit social psychological service agency that initially addressed youth with substance abuse issues. LIFE BUILDERS strives to develop individuals who are intelligent, rational, and functional so they can grow to become productive citizens of their community. LIFE BUILDERS has provided services to diverse groups of children and organizations with a variety of training experiences. These workshops and seminars provide an opportunity for individuals to enhance their skills, knowledge and empower them to discover their life’s purpose. The LIFE BUILDERS goal is to provide information concerning life threatening situations for our at risk children. We provide group and individual counseling for the at risk population. Groups are tailored to the population and employ a number of different formats to address various learning styles, as well as developmental and cognitive abilities. It is the overarching goal of LIFE BUILDERS to positively, socially and emotionally impact the lives of the children and families that are served.

Life Builders
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